Our mission at ARCHWAY, Inc. is simple:
to improve the quality of life of children living in the streets and sewers of Bucharest, Romania.

Our mission at ARCHWAY, Inc. is simple:
to improve the quality of life of children living in the streets and sewers of Bucharest, Romania.

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Let’s All Talk About Abandoned Children of Romania

Now Accepting Donations for the Abandoned Children of Romania

OK… we’ve finally launched a website for Archway, Inc. and Fundatia Archway Romania. And now? We need you. We need you to spread the word about the horrible conditions in which these abandoned children of Romania live.

We need you to spread the word that we are now – finally – accepting donations online via our new website so that we can help these abandoned children of Romania. I’d like to start a “bucket brigade” of sorts… where I send out links to our Donations page and to our campaigns and those of you on the receiving end do the same… you then send out the link to your friends and family… and we just keep the momentum going. We plan to post on Facebook and Twitter, but while we’re setting up our Facebook page and our Twitter page, we need your help. Please… post this page on your Facebook pages and tweet to the highest mountain that there are abandoned children living in the streets and gutters of Romania… and they need our help. And, as such, I need your help. I need to raise the funds that will help these most unfortunate children. It’s November and, here in Connecticut, the last few leaves are clinging to the trees and the weather is getting colder by the day. But we’re fortunate. We have walls and roofs that separate us from the elements. We sleep in cozy beds with warm blankets. We have running water and we hop into a warm shower every day. We have food in our refrigerators and we can cook on our stove tops. Not so for our Archway kids. They live in the streets and gutters of Bucharest and they do whatever they have to do to stay alive. Please help me to help these kids to stay alive.

We are in desperate need of obtaining donations into our General Fund. But in addition, we also need to conduct a feasibility study in order to build an addition onto our house in Romania, Casa Noastra. We’ve got two campaigns running simultaneously and we’d be thrilled if you’d consider a donation… you can select the campaign and you can select the amount… choose from several buttons (my website designer told me that they’re called “radio buttons” – OK… if she says so… ) or you can enter a specific amount by selecting “other” and entering a specific amount.

Meanwhile, please allow me to share with you a story about Lenuta and her plight. I hope that Lenuta’s story will cause you to appreciate why we do what we do to help Lenuta and others like her.

Lenuta and her husband lived in a metal shipping container with their two young children when I was introduced to them. She was funny and optimistic and considered their homelessness to be a temporary bump in the road. That was 16 years ago… and her oldest daughter, Claudia, is now married and living in another city. Lenuta has several children – you’d have to ask Gica or Gabi how many because I’ve lost count. The family has bounced around Bucharest… a lot. But each time that we try to secure a little apartment for them, they get kicked out. They are Gypsy (Roma), so when one individual has a place, everyone comes to visit and the landlords get nervous.

Over the years, we’ve taken care of Lenuta and her husband and children, helped them move into various abandoned buildings, given them food and blankets and clothing, and taken them to the hospital when necessary. Roma and homeless are not allowed into hospitals unless we pay for them and bring them food and supplies, hence one of many reasons why we need donations. Lenuta’s husband recently started hanging around with a bad crowd doing drugs and fooling around with women. Lenuta kicked him out only to take him back when he promised to be good. By then, however, he had contracted HIV… which he then gave to Lenuta. She has lost three brothers taken by this insidious disease and we’ve buried them all for her. We’ll keep her healthy for as long as we can but there is no medicine available and she’s living in an abandoned building.

Lenuta’s story is the grim reality of so many lives in Romania but it still remains a dark secret to most of the world. We’ve got to get the word out about the inhumanity of the government and the poverty of these people whose only sin was being born poor and/or Roma.

Please make a donation today.

Love and peace,


Susan Booth
Archway, Inc. / Fundatia Archway Romania
Improving the quality of life of children living in the streets and sewers of Bucharest, Romania since 1999