Our mission at ARCHWAY ROMANIA is simple:
to improve the quality of life of children living in the streets and sewers of Bucharest, Romania.

Our mission at ARCHWAY ROMANIA is simple:
to improve the quality of life of children living in the streets and sewers of Bucharest, Romania.

Archway Romania Mission

Archway Romania Foundation is a philanthropic organization ,with humanitarian purpose, non-profit, nongovernmental and independent of any political interference. 

For over 25 years we have been offering to poor children  free access to a normal education, therapeutic support adapted to their needs and a safer way to build a better future. Thanks to our president Susan Booth, donors and volunteers of Archway Romania, we managed to open an orphanage called “Our House” in which 25 children lived constantly where they were permanently educated, raised and counselled. Archway Romania provided them with pedagogues who taught them to read and write, social workers who socially advised them and who were in constant contact with the child’s family, a doctor who always took care of them, cooks who offered them daily food prepared as in a family and psychologist who offered them psychological counselling because of the traumas they experienced on the street.

Now, Archway Romania Foundation also runs a program  called “Social Street Support” which helps poor children and disadvantaged families according to a well-defined program. Monthly, we buy and donate to 250 poor children and 100 disadvantaged families food, school supplies, clothing, medicine, footwear and hygiene products and provides both financial and advisory support. To improve the performance and daily life of these poor children we need your support through donations of any kind.

The organization and operation of the “Social Street Support” program provides monthly travel to the target areas to monitor about 250 poor children and 100 disadvantaged families, the approximate need of food, clothing, school supplies, medicine, hygiene products, etc. Therefore, we need your support to continue the work we have been doing in these 25 years in which we have provided about 2500 poor children and disadvantaged families unconditional support according to their needs in order to help them live a cleaner and more decent life, to have an education and go to school.

Easter represents one of those moments when people are generous towards their brothers. This is why Archway Romania wishes to offer to street children Easter gifts. Through this activity we can help poor children with toys, clothes, food, Easter eggs, juice, traditional Romanian Easter food, to put a smile on their faces and offer them a moment of happiness. Just as in previous years, we don’t want these children to feel the absence of the Easter Bunny and we want to bring the joy and spirit of the holidays into their hearts.

With your help we managed to offer every year gifts to all poor children from “Social Street Support” on the Easter Eve, with traditional products such as Easter eggs, food, fruits, toys, juice, traditional Romanian Easter food, giving to street children and disadvantaged families who live on the streets, in the heating sewers, abandoned buildings without heat, electricity, windows the chance to spend wonderful holidays, and that poor children won’t miss the presence of the Easter Bunny. It is a proof of loyalty ,in a difficult period, with what we have we can make their suffering less painful and help them not to give up their dreams.

One of our goals is helping all  poor children from “Social Street Support” program go to school in order to reduce school dropout. School is a living spirit that shape and completes the human being as a personality, both the cultural and spiritual point of view. Therefore Archway Foundation Romania, through its program called “Chance in Education” offers children whose parents cannot support their children to go to school, school supplies, backpacks and all that is needed to start the school year like all the other children.                                    Let’s not ignore our kids!

Every kid deserves a smile, and those who do not have a parent, do not have a place where to stay or  a decent life need this smile even more. It is so easy to share a smile.

School is more than learning and accomplishment of knowledge is, if you will, a way of living it turns into a home in a second, and teachers and classmates are like family. It has left its  mark  on  everyday life and finds a  utility  every  time,  gains  an  essential  role in the  personal life.  These children deserve a chance in education, they deserve a better future, school being extremely important.  We need to support and guide our children’s future together  and  right through them, our future.

For Saint Nicholas, the tradition from Romania says that good children leave their shoes near the door and the nicely cleaned boots and find them filled with gifts from Saint Nicholas in the morning.

The onset of winter is the most awaited and wonderful time of the year for all children . The  season of giving, the holiday holiday when the snowflakes announce the  Christmas holiday. What  is the first joy of winter of children? Saint Nicholas has never forget needy and poor children. Archway Romania, with your help, brings the spirit of Saint Nicholas to the hearts of all poor children in our program “Social Street Support”  every year with a gift full of food, sweets, toys and a little surprise to those who were obedient.

Archway Romania’s slogan “Christmas for all” brings joy to all poor children and disadvantaged families we have in our program “Social Street Support”. Christmas Holidays are anticipated  enthusiastically  by every child. Surely you think of Santa Claus, the carols, the Christmas scent, the gifts under the Christmas tree and the mistletoe from the doorway. 

All you have to do is to care!
And if you care, we will try to accomplish most of their wishes!

The approach of Christmas is one of those times of the year when people are more generous than their peers. That is why the Archway Romania Foundation managed every time with your help to offer to street children gifts and a beautiful Christmas party for Christmas every year, just like in other years, these children did not miss Santa Claus, bringing the spirit of the wonderful holidays in their hearts. With the support of our president Susan Booth, donors and Archway volunteers, we are able to donate to street children packages full of food, toys and surprises that we gladly donated to street children, giving a gift and a party with carols and the arrival of Santa Claus for poor and needy children.

Another activity of Archway Foundation Romania  is the distribution of clothing, shoes, toys, beds, thick blankets and winter clothing that are sent by Richard and Virginia Williams from Iron Mountain, Michigan and our president Susan Booth who takes donations from donors from the United States and Canada.

Every winter we have distributed hot tea, warm blankets , clothing medicine and food to all street children and disadvantaged families that we have in our program and who risk their lives, living in  sewers or in abandoned buildings, supporting  temperatures down to -20 degrees  and  social  families,  helping them to survive  extremely low and ruthless temperatures.

Do not ignore their mistakes!

There are times when some people are here from their mistakes ,some of them  behave really bad but once we get to understand their situation and once we put ourselves in their place to accept them  and will fight with them to improve the situation, things will change much. But for this it is well received any kind of help from them.

Once in the street, poor children live in miserable conditions, in heating sewers, eating from garbage cans, begging or receiving money and food from any person. Without school, education, guidance and love of parents, falling slightly in vices and immorality. We will not ever understand what it means to live in the street. They get so used to the street that it becomes a part of them, and normal life seems strange to them. At some point we realize that this is a problem that should involve us all and we should help them live a cleaner and more decent life.

We think that it is possible! This is why we want to help those in need!

We look forward to your support with arms wide open, because only together we can change the lives of poor children and disadvantaged families.

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